20221109 - 20221113

CURATED BY Nicole Walker

One room, 22 artists, one live performance, a lot of alcohol, some cigarettes (outside), some music in the background, annoying conversations and hopefully a good time. Please enjoy the mind-blowing works of these AMAZE-ing artists’ works, and please, I wouldn’t touch that if I were you!


Ritardando (Light Test), 2022, Video and Sound

As a visual and performance artist, composer, and DJ, Suutoo plays with build-ups, break-downs, climatic moments, poetic shifts, tempo, and repetition.

In RITARDANDO (Light Test), the artist stretches one moment, granularizing it, to create a vibrating landscape of noise.

2. Anna Uddenberg

Body mind (Stretch and submission), 2011, Performance Video

Performance at LUCIA ONE, Gallery Niklas Belenius Credits to Sara Litzén and Helin Honung

Photo: Carl Kumlin and Dimen Abdulla

3. Annie Hägg

Flipping bricks into sand (infinite possibilities), 2022, 3D-printed PLA, Sand

Replica of sunflower (designed by Karl Otto Lodén 1940), Images generated from playground stories,

4. Anton Alvarez

No title, 2022, Milano, Video

Anton Alvarez’s tool the Extruder, constructed by the artist himself, is a large-scale press that presses out matter with several tons of pressure through various profiles and nozzles. The formations become seemingly distorted and moulded objects. Clay, which is usually the artist’s main mean of expression, has been replaced with beeswax and bronze.

The artist developed his own method, based on the traditional lost-wax casting process – cire perdue – in which he pressed heated beeswax into cold water. Depending on pressure, force and handling, the wax assumes the shape that becomes the final form of the bronze sculpture.

Beeswax is the starting point. The lost form, the rejected and invisible, becomes the final and chosen, the visible.

5. Anton Alvarez

0202221800, 2022

6. Anton Halla

Vivid anthropochary, 2022

"the dress", wood, glass, (PLA) bur seeds, 132×40

7. Benjamin Reichwald

Tröst, 2022, Sprayfärg, akryl, bläck, krita

8. Ehsan Morshed

Anyone Home!?, 2022, Single Channel Video, 3:32 min

9. Ehsan Morshed

Nobody’s Perfect!, 2022

Mirror, coloured glass, acrylic frame, textile, photographic print, 65 x 52 cm

10. Ehsan Morshed

I kiss better than I cook, 2022, Mdf, digital print, 30 x 40 cm (each)

11. Erik Thörnqvist

Squabbler, 2022, PLA filament, 80 x 80 x 4 cm

Price upon request

12. Fabian Bergmark Näsman

Fig. 43, 2022

Glass fibre, epoxy resin, polyurethane paint, stainless steel, 365 x 60 x 50 cm

13. Georg Nordmark

Untitled (Thicket), 2022

Firehose, aluminium stretcher bars 180 x 120 x 10 cm

Unique. Untitled (Thicket) consists of firehose strips woven and stretched onto an aluminium stretcher frame. Firehose is commonly recycled as a building material in Zoo:s; for swings, hammocks and feeding contraption, woven to create cost efficient, durable and vegetation-like constructions. The firehose constitutes a versatile tool for fulfilling behaviorally enriching welfare standards for captive animals.

As the firehose weave is stretched onto an aluminium stretcher frame and mounted on the gallery wall it is faced as, and thusly transformed, into a picture. With the format of a painting the “canvas” can be said to divulge the representational remnants of the Zoo-material as well as presenting a stripped depiction of an absent habitat.

With a minimalist and formalist approach the work contextualizes itself and sardonically comments reductivist tendencies of contemporary arts.

14. Hanna Antonsson

Auto wing II, 2021, Taxidermy gull wings, car tire, metal wire

With the use of taxidermy and scrap car parts, the wings of birds hit by cars are mounted on the very objects that ended their lives in the first place. Auto wing is a series of sculptures and an ongoing project that brings hybrids alive through collision.

15. Inti Wang

Hanging GMG (Genetical Modified Garment), 2022

Identity is fluid. We shape it according to our time and environment, so despite social, religious and economical parameters the idea of having life plan out seems worthless as there is not a real answer for who we will be in the future, as identity is a process we recreate by time.

Todays genetic engineering techniques and the creation of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) from animals to plants and microorganisms, opens many possibilities and questions about life and our future as humankind.

GMG (Genetically Modified Garments) by Inti Wang explore fluid identity in today's open field of creation imaginary through unique garments made to feel and recreate form to what feels contented to human body. GMG have the quality to be remade, transform and enhanced to fit our own pleasure.

16. Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski + Ella Fleck

Two Cows, 2021

17. Jojo Ahlkvist

WFHIT (Printing History), 2020, Lath, metal

Suggested quotation of (in)Famous humorist and critic D. Parker. In the biography by John Keats You Might as Well Live: The Life and Times of Dorothy Parker (1970), the quote is ascribed to her: ‘If the doorbell or phone rang in her apartment, she would express: “What fresh hell can this be?”’

(Printing History), 2020- , is an ongoing series of work by jojo ahlkvist. Work from the (Printing History) series has been shown at ACF London in 2020, and was included in the publication DIE NEUE NORMALITÄT published by the Austrian Cultural Forum, 2020, curated by Lucija Šutej

18. Jojo Ahlkvist + Hedda Bauer

Promo, 2021, Video, for Backa Art Center

19. Klara Zetterholm

Fictional pig, 2022, 74 x 35 cm

20. Marie Karlberg

A story of a 13 year old cigarette smoker 3 minutes, 11 seconds

Starring Felix Bernstein

21. Nicole Walker

Internalized capitalism, 2022

Car bow, glass construction, metal pole, moose bone, sound piece, 200 x 100 x 150 cm


22. Tiny Tony Karlsson Savci

We are reading Interbeing by Thich Nhat Hanh


In the spirit of Tony Karlsson Savci’s earlier works using still life as a site for sense-making through object fetishism and contemporary animism, this work uses the subtitle as an object of interiority and collective reading, and a vehicle for contemplative meditation.

23. Valter Jimi Törsleff + Chiara Frenzel (Kap Company)

Getting back up is living 2022

24. Viktor Berglund Ekman


2020, Christmas tree feet, steel wire, steel pipe

25. Zak Arogundade + Tobias Lee

Whalin (Kyselina OST) 2015

Audio: Tobias Lee

Visual: Zak Arogundade

26. Zhala Rifat Pehrsson

Cikada 2019

Performance of PMC Pleaser by Hannes Ferm on the opening night.